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Should I Sell My Business Now? 3 Reasons to Say “Yes”

November 15, 2023

Your business has seen ups and downs. A downturn may tempt you to consider selling. But ideally, the best time to sell your business is when it’s flourishing.

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Using Seller Financing for a Successful Business Sale

June 15, 2023

With bank loans for small business purchases now harder to come by, your deal structure may require up to 20% in seller financing.

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Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling a Business

May 15, 2023

Out of every ten businesses listed for sale, only five will get an offer, only two will sell, and only one will sell on the seller’s terms.

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How to Structure the Sale of a Small Business

March 15, 2023

No two sellers have the same goals. Here’s how to structure the sale of a small business to negotiate a profitable deal that meets your needs.

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Preparing to Sell a Business Takes Meticulous Planning

January 15, 2023

Preparing to sell a business means 1) getting your company ready for sale and 2) preparing yourself for a big personal transition. Here’s how to do both.

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7 Steps in Selling a Business Successfully

November 17, 2022

A business sale can take 8 to 12 months. And only 1 out of 10 business owners sell on their terms. Here are the steps in selling a business successfully.