Business Buyer’s Brilliance Program


Don’t just dream about it, Do it!

Many buyers want to buy a business, but are just not sure how to go about it, or where to begin. Without the right preparation, the transaction process can indeed be confusing and filled with costly and painful mistakes.

Transitions Business Brokerage Toronto - Sell Buy
Transitions Business Brokerage Toronto - Sell Buy

Buy it with Confidence!

Make your dreams a reality by mastering the knowledge and skills required for a successful business purchase.

The Business Buyer’s Brilliance program has been specifically designed to teach you the essential knowledge and skills you need to confidently buy a small business, while avoiding the costly mistakes that many inexperienced buyers suffer.

Everything You Need to Know … from Preparation to Close!

You’ll start by examining personal strengths you bring to the table.  Next we’ll prepare you by covering solid foundational knowledge for this life-changing purchase.

You’ll then learn how businesses are valued, the purchase process, strategies for pursuing and qualifying the best opportunities, and the full process of preparing and negotiating your initial purchase offer.

Finally, you’ll learn the Top 10 deal killers and how to avoid them, the critical importance of structured due diligence, successful transaction closing, and essential strategies for succeeding in your first three months of ownership.

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Transitions Business Brokerage Toronto - Sell Buy

Is This Program for Me?

Whether you’re just starting to dream about buying a business, have already started looking for your new venture, or are mere days away from making your purchase offer, this course is for you.

Whether you’re a new buyer or a seasoned acquisition pro, avoiding costly mistakes is crucial when buying a business.

And whether you’re planning to spend thirty thousand dollars, three hundred thousand dollars or three million dollars, Business Buyer’s Brilliance is the program for you.

Created by a business buyer – for business buyers – just like you.

Buyers come from all backgrounds, and experiences, but we find that they often fall into two categories:

New Buyers:

  • Do you have a good job in a small business but dream of owning your own shop?
  • Do you have a special skill or talent and are driven to share it with the world?
  • Do you have a business idea burning up in your head and need a vehicle to express it?
  • Do you dread one more day of dealing with “the boss’s stress” at work?
  • Do you need an alternative to traditional employment?

Buying an existing small business, when executed correctly, could be exactly the right choice for you!

Strategic Acquirers:

  • Do you want to expand your current business venture, and want to go into your next deal thoroughly prepared?

Buying another business is one of the fastest ways to grow your existing portfolio.  In fact, professional private equity investors build mini-empires using roll-up strategies all the time.  Learn the knowledge, skills, and strategies to ensure you are buying with confidence.  The right business acquired on the right terms can deliver the explosive growth you’re looking for!  Acquire with confidence!

Transitions Business Brokerage Toronto - Sell Buy

A Program Like No Other

Business Buyer’s Brilliance is revolutionary because it’s the only educational program of its kind offering a rich package of clear instructions in an easy-to-follow format.

It’s self paced, so you can learn on your own schedule, whenever and wherever its convenient.

This program is your one-stop shop for developing the business acumen you need to purchase a small business at a winning price and start turning your business ownership dreams into reality.

Packed Full With Value for You!

The program is uniquely structured – broken down into 10 modules – each one covering one of the 10 essential “P”s of a successful business purchase.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Video Lecture: Over 6 hours of in-depth video instruction covering the 10 “P”s
  • Comprehensive Workbook: A work-along 140 page workbook. Packed with dozens of exercises, key learning points, and real life stories of buyers just like you.  As you advance through each module, you also proceed through the workbook.  This helps to solidify the key learning points of each lesson, as you examine dozens of real life examples, complete comprehensive exercises and make notations about what is most important for you.
Transitions Business Brokerage Toronto - Sell Buy
  • Case Study: A fully worked example of how to asses and normalize earnings, calculate sellers discretionary earnings and estimate the resulting business value. Together, we will walk though exactly how to analyse and normalize financial statements for our example company.
  • Business Buyers Toolkit: containing 9 key tools you will use and re-use to assess the quality of every business opportunity you target, including our deal pricing and structuring template, and our comprehensive business pricing and financial analysis tool,  to analyze, normalize and calculate the business earnings, compute a company valuation, and forecast future cash flows.

$955 in Bonus Value!

BONUS #1: "Faith in Business”

This clever, funny, and engaging business parable walks you through the ups and downs of how Faith Ruiz, a nurse by trade, goes about buying her first business. She too walks in your shoes, learning the 10 essential “P’s” she needs to succeed in her business purchase. Join Faith on her journey, and learn with her as she overcomes challenges in her business ownership transition. $25 value.

Bonus #2

Six months free access to the Business Buyers Mastermind group.

By enrolling in the Business Buyers Brilliance program you will also get access to 6 months access to the Business Buyers Mastermind group, where you can network with and learn from other buyers, on their own business purchase journey, as well as experts on every call to answer your key questions and help you solve your real life business buying problems..  A $594 value.

Bonus #2

A 29% discount off of continued access to both the Business Buyer’s Brilliance Program, and the Business Buyer’s Mastermind Group.

By enrolling now, you will lock in almost a 30% discount to your continued access to both the Program and the Mastermind Group, Get continued access to both for only a $69 monthly investment vs the regular $99.  A $336 value over 12 months.

A Prestigious Partner!

To bring you this program, we’ve partnered with Hero’s Guide, a business education and advisory firm, specializing in exit and transition planning, business value enhancement, and business buyer education.