Transition Success Program


Once! That’s how often you will sell your business.

Olympic Athletes.  They get one shot at success every four years and they devote virtually every day of their life to preparation! Of course, selling your business is not an Olympic competition and you need to spend most of your time running your business.  But this is likely the single biggest financial transaction and the most significant personal transition you will face in your lifetime. And you will only do it once!  How much is it worth to you to get it right?

Transitions Business Brokerage Toronto - Sell Buy
Transitions Business Brokerage Toronto - Sell Buy

How dull is your axe?

Abraham Lincoln is often quoted as saying the following:

Ensure your axe is razor sharp!  Our Transition Success Program has been specifically designed to deliver a Transition-Ready business, allowing you to avoid the costly mistakes and wasted time that many business sellers face when they go to market unprepared.

Understand Your Odds

Sadly, we’ve received far too many calls from owners who are “Done with it!” and just want a quick out.  Unfortunately, they’ve never been informed (or worse, been mis-informed) of the length of time required to sell their business, the complexity of the process, and the slim chance of success.  Selling a business requires special preparation over and above your day to day operations.  Without that, the sales process can be lengthy and painful; filled with mis-steps, stutter starts, and dead deals.

In fact, industry statistics indicate that less than 20% of owners who want to sell will actually complete a sale.  And half of those will do so on reduced terms.

Statistically speaking, going to market unprepared means you have a 10% chance of selling on your terms.  Those are horrible odds.  But they don’t have to apply for your situation because there is a solution.

Transitions Business Brokerage Toronto - Sell Buy
corporate meeting - preparing to sell a business

Preparation! Preparation! Preparation!

I’m sure you’ve heard the old adage that the three most important attributes that determine a home’s value is Location! Location! Location!  What do you think the analogous three are for determining business value? “Preparation! Preparation! Preparation!”  Specifically, preparation that is deliberately aimed at producing transferable value within your business.

Sell with Confidence!

Ideally, you would start preparing from day one, and weave an exit plan into your business strategy from the first day you opened your doors.  In fact, if you look at professional investors such as private equity groups, that’s exactly how they do it.  But we get it, you’ve been busy day after day, grinding it out, building your business, and putting food on the table.  Right now, your spirit might be ready for a change, but is your business?

Our Transition Success Program has been specifically designed to deliver “Preparation! Preparation! Preparation!”   both for you and your business.   Rest assured, we will get you ready for the largest financial transaction and the biggest personal transition of your life.  Done right, preparation for your upcoming transition will deliver a highly defensible business value, resulting in tremendous confidence, the peace-of-mind that comes with the ability to bring your business to market on your terms.  Sell with Confidence!

Transitions Business Brokerage Toronto - Sell Buy

Is This Program for Me?

Whether you are weeks, months, or years away from selling your business, this program is for you.

Whether you feel you are ready now, or know you need to prepare, avoiding costly mistakes is crucial when selling your business.

And whether your business is valued at thirty thousand dollars, three hundred thousand dollars or three million dollars, our Transition Success Program is the program for you.

Created by a Certified Exit Planning Advisor – for Sellers just like you.

While each business is different, and each seller’s situation is different, you may be asking, “Is this ‘a one size fits all’?”  No, but all sellers face Ten Key Questions that need concrete answers to ensure transition success.

Our program leverages the Certified Exit Planning Advisor curriculum, built on over 25 years and thousands of business transitions.  On top of that, we’ve added custom tools, exercises, and worksheets to create a robust program for today’s marketplace.

Transitions Business Brokerage Toronto - Sell Buy

A Program Like No Other

Our Transition Success Program is revolutionary because it’s the only action-oriented business readiness program of its kind offering a step by step method of exactly what needs to be done to position you and your business for transition success.

It’s quickly-paced, so you can maximize your preparation in the shortest amount of time.

Our expert advisors work with you, side by side, setting milestones and achieving your transition-ready goals along the way.  And of course, all conversations and information is held in the strictest of confidence.

Our Transition Success Program is the crucial element needed prior to listing your business for sale, and ensures you get a winning price, a successful transition, and a confident start on your next chapter.  Start turning your business selling dreams into reality.

The 10 Qs …

What are the 10 Questions that you need answers to for a successful transition?

The Transition Success program is uniquely structured around our exclusive TEN-Q process for transition preparation.  Each of the 10 modules builds on the previous ones, and each focuses on arriving at a comprehensive answer to one of the 10 key questions, (10Q’s).

How much is it worth to you to get it right?

You’ve spent years or even decades building your business. You deserve to leave it on your terms, on your timeline, leaving your legacy, and walking confidently into your next adventure. Given that you will only sell your business once, how much is it worth to you to get it right?

Transitions Business Brokerage Toronto - Sell Buy

One Goal! Your Transition Success!

We have one goal! The Success of your Transition!

Due to demographics alone, the country will soon face a wave of business transitions, the so-called “Silver Tsunami”.  Weather you are in this demographic or not, your business – one of the thousands of small businesses crucial to our economy –  will be competing with all the baby boomers out there seeking to transition and move on.  Some sellers will succeed, many will fail.  And no one wins when transitions fail!

You don’t win, the country’s economy does not win, your potential buyers don’t win, and transition specialists like us don’t win.

In this last chapter of your business ownership, don’t you deserve to Transition Success?  Don’t you deserve to win?  We believe you do!

Peace of Mind, Confidence to go to Market, and Two Extra Bonuses!

BONUS #1: “Faith in Business”

This clever, funny, and engaging business parable walks you through the ups and downs of how Faith Ruiz, a nurse by trade, goes about buying her first business. Walk in her shoes and see how a business is viewed from “Buyer’s Eyes”. Join Faith on her journey, and learn what your buyer may be going through, as we see how she overcomes challenges in her business ownership transition. A $25 Value.

BONUS #2: Transition Success Workbook

Your own personal action plan workbook, walking you through all ten questions and each of the almost 100 action items needed to get you fully prepared. Many tasks we will do together, some are for you to complete with your family and others for you to complete with your business team. But rest assured, we will be with you all the way up-to and through your transition. A $349 Value.

A Prestigious Partner!

To bring you this program, we’ve partnered with Hero’s Guide, a business education and advisory firm, specializing in exit and transition planning, business value enhancement, and business buyer education.